Admission Procedure

1. Admission is granted on a first cum first basis.

2. The age eligibility of the child is checked as per our age criteria and admission is granted in the matching class only.

3. The parent on payment of Rs. 500 gets the admission/ information kit, which consists of the Pinnacle High brochures, admission form, extracurricular activity sheet and fee structure. This amount is non-refundable.

4. The parent is taken for a tour of the school to see all the classes and infrastructure, provided the classes are not disturbed.

5. All children for admission into Nursery to Sr. Kg have NO INTERVIEW.

6. There will be no entrance test for Grade 1.

7. Grade 2 to Grade 9 has to take an entrance test. On clearance of the test, admission will be granted.

8. The parents will have to fill in the admission form and the admission will be confirmed on payment of requisite fee.

9. Fees once paid are non- refundable and non-transferable.

Following are to be submitted along with the completed application form.

1. Eight copies of the recent photograph of the child

2. L.C from the previous school for grade Prep 1 onwards, for the confirmation of admission.

3. If the child seeking admission comes from outside Maharashtra, the LC should be counter signed by the educational authority of the state from which the child comes; if out of India, the LC should be countersigned by the educational authority of the country from which the child comes.

4. The original Birth Certificate to be submitted at the time of payment of fees.

5. Other particulars (Report Cards) to be attached.

6. Kindly ensure that the Application for admission is complete in all respects, so as to facilitate the admission process.