Pinnacle High International School

We aim to deliver quality international education.

The school follows Cambridge International Primary Programme from Grade Nursery to Grade 5. For Grade 6 and 8th, the school follows the Lower Secondary Programme of Cambridge International Examinations.

For Grade 9th and 10th, the school imparts IGCSE of the University of Cambridge International Examinations. The Higher Secondary years of Grade XI & XII has the Advanced ('A') level Examinations of the University of Cambridge.

The school offers Science & Commerce in the Higher Secondary Years.

It is a day boarding, co-educational school.

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Upcoming Events

  • 21st June

    Whacky Wednesday - Red day

  • 26th June

    Ramzan Eid

  • 27th-30th June

    Monsoon Fun

  • 29th June

    Fancy dress competition

  • 5th July

    Whacky Wednesday - Blue day

  • 15th July

    Father’s Day

  • 18th July

    Paper bag decoration competition

  • 2nd August - Whacky Wednesday

    Children have to come dressed in yellow colour clothes to celebrate ‘yellow day’.

  • 5th August - Phonics workshop for parents

    Kindly note there is a workshop of phonics for parents where in the teacher will show you the way sounds of letters are taught in class. Please make it a point to attend this workshop. Timings are as follows: Grades Headstart and Reception- 9:15am and Grade Foundation- 10:45am. Please send your confirmation in the slip below by 3 rd August. Confirmations after this date will not be accepted.

  • 7th August

    Holiday on account of Raksha Bandhan.

  • 12th August

    1st PTM will be held. The timings will be given in the handbook soon.

  • 14th August

    Girls can come dressed as ‘Radha’ and boys can come dressed as ‘Krishna’ to celebrate ‘Janmashtami’. Regular school.

  • 15th August

    Holiday on account of Janmashtami and Independence Day.

  • 16th August

    Please note Sing-a-long session for grade Headstart A and B is postponed to 8th September. Regular school for children.

  • 17th August

    Holiday on account of Parsi New Year.

  • 18th August Sing-along Session

    Parents of Grade Playgroup are invited to sing rhymes with their child in class.They can come at 1:15 pm. Please confirm in the handbook whether you are coming or not for the session, by 14th August. Regular school for children.

  • 24th August

    Children of pre-primary can come in traditional wear for Ganesh Chaturthi celebration. Regular school.

  • 25th August

    Holiday on account of Ganesh Chaturthi.


  • Admission for the academic year 2017-2018 are open for Playgroup to 'A' Levels with Cambridge University (equivalent to HSC-11th & 12th). Please contact our admission officer at the school office. Contact us at:

    022 2844 9155 / 022 2844 9896.

  • Click here for more details