Pinnacle High International School

We aim to deliver quality international education.

The school follows Cambridge International Primary Programme from Grade Nursery to Grade 5. For Grade 6 and 8th, the school follows the Lower Secondary Programme of Cambridge International Examinations.

For Grade 9th and 10th, the school imparts IGCSE of the University of Cambridge International Examinations. The Higher Secondary years of Grade XI & XII has the Advanced ('A') level Examinations of the University of Cambridge.

The school offers Science & Commerce in the Higher Secondary Years.

It is a day boarding, co-educational school.

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Upcoming Events - 2018-19

Upcoming events for the month of September

  • 3rd September

    Holiday on account of Janmashtami.

  • 5th September

    Secondary students will role play as teachers. Children can bring flowers or cards for their beloved teachers. Gifts strictly not allowed. Regular school.

  • 11th September - Colouring Competition

    For grades Headstart to Foundation. Children will be given a picture to colour. It won’t be a competition for grade Playgroup. They will be getting participation certificates. Crayons will be given in school.

  • 12th September - Ganesh Chaturthi celebration

    Children have to come in traditional wear. Regular school.

  • 13th - 16th September

    Holidays on account of Ganesh Chaturthi.

  • 19th September - Whacky Wednesday

    Children have to come in green colour clothes to celebrate Green day.

  • 20th September

    Holiday on account of Muharram.

    Pot pourri - Parents are invited to have a peek at their child’s overall performance till date. It is mandatory for all the children to participate in it irrespective of whether the parents are coming to the session or not. Practice has started so please do not keep your child absent. Children will be coming as per their regular school batch.

  • Date and timings for parents are as under:

  • 26th September

    Reception morning- 10:00am

    Reception afternoon- 2:00pm

  • 27th September

    Foundation- 10:00am

    Playgroup- 1:00pm

  • 28th September

    Headstart A- 9:00am

    Headstart B- 12:00noon

  • 31st August - Janmashtami celebration

    Confirmation slips for the same will be sent in the handbook by the teacher. Please fill it and send it by 11th September 2018. Entries after this date will not be accepted.


  • Admission for the academic year 2017-2018 are open for Playgroup to 'A' Levels with Cambridge University (equivalent to HSC-11th & 12th). Please contact our admission officer at the school office. Contact us at:

    022 2844 9155 / 022 2844 9896.

  • Click here for more details

    Admission open for 2018-19