Pinnacle High International School

We aim to deliver quality international education.

The school follows Cambridge International Primary Programme from Grade Nursery to Grade 5. For Grade 6 and 8th, the school follows the Lower Secondary Programme of Cambridge International Examinations.

For Grade 9th and 10th, the school imparts IGCSE of the University of Cambridge International Examinations. The Higher Secondary years of Grade XI & XII has the Advanced ('A') level Examinations of the University of Cambridge.

Each class has maximum only 25 students and admission to the higher classes is based on an entrance test. The school offers Science & Commerce in the Higher Secondary Years.

It is a day boarding, co-educational school.

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Upcoming Events

  • 7th June

    Orientation Day

  • 11th June

    School Reopens

  • 12th June

    Pri- Primary 1st Enq Begins/World Ocean Day

  • 18th June

    Wonderful Wednesday - Rosy Red (Pre-primary)

  • 23rd June

    Fire Drill/ World Music Day, Solo Singing Competition(Primary)/ Instrumental(Secondary)

  • 25th June

    Teddy Bear hug day (Pri-Primary)

  • 27th June

    Flower Power Fun (Pri-Primary)

  • 30th June

    Let's learn to be safe week (Pri-Primary)

  • 1st July

    Let's learn to be safe week (Pri-Primary)

  • 2nd July

    Wonderful Wednesday - Gooey Blue (Pre-Primary)

  • 9th July

    1st Enquiry Summative(Primary)

  • 10th July

    Shopping Time Fun (Pre - Primary)

  • 12th July

    Poster making Competition(The Future We want) Secondary

  • 16th July

    Bubble & Chalk Fun (Pre-Primary)

  • 17th July

    Election (Primary & Secondary)

  • 21st July

    Pri-Primary 2nd Enq Begins

  • 24th July

    Fancy Dress, Twistin Fairy Tale, Turn-o-act(Grade 1 and 2)/ Flip Floping Day(Grade 3- Secondary)

  • 25th July

    Flower Power Fun (Pre-Primary)

  • 26th July

    Parents Day- Pot Luck Theme- Dots & Strips (Pre-Primary)/ Parents Day (Grade 1 and 2)

  • 28th July

    Health & Hygiene time (Pre-Primary)

  • 29th July

    Dental Camp (Pre-Primay to 3)

  • 30th July

    ID-UL-FITAR (Holiday)

  • 31st July

    Investiture Ceremony


  • Admissions for the academic year 2014 - 2015 are open. Please contact our admissions officer

  • Or contact us at:

    022 2844 9155 / 022 2844 9896.

  • Click here for more details